Balance, Body and Mind

In with the new’ Ideal for those days, when you feel low and slow and you don’t quite know why. The oils infused in this blend have the qualities to uplift the spirits, shifting away the blue, depressive feeling.

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Aroma Hair

This is a blend that is infused with essential oils which will nourish the scalp, hair and roots of your hair. Helps to improve circulation, thus preventing hair loss .The added natural oils will also condition and strengthen hair – long or short. Say good-bye to dry itchy scalp, dandruff, dry, dull & brittle hair.

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Aroma Skin

Finally, a deodorant that is free of harmful aluminium! This a natural alternative to commercial body sprays.  It’s soft scent, makes it suitable for both men & women.

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Aroma Care

This is an everyday, must have in every home blend.  This is a perfect infusion of Essential oils which will help you slow down, take a breather, relax and unwind. It Aids in creating calmness and tranquillity at the end of a long, tiresome day.

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Aroma Scents

This is an all-time favourite! A classic rose scent, which will bring on feelings of nostalgia and the good old days!

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Aroma Senses is a specialized range of Aromatherapy oil blends and products.
All products contain 100% pure plant oil extracts- rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

All products and blends are carefully blended and specially packaged, with a personalized touch.

Essential oils are widely known for their ability to support, assist and heal holistically- for physical relief, as well as mental and emotional upliftment. These essences, infused together with love, in a 100% pure, cold pressed grape-seed oil base ensure that YOU are only presented with nature’s best- nothing less.

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